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Computer Security

You need to consider the security of your system and data, even more so if you have a connection to the internet.

There are very many different ways your computer could be attacked and very many different ways the attack could affect you. The attack could be anything from a mild irritant, e.g. a strange message appearing on your screen, to something that destroys data on your hard drive. There are also many types of attack where the criminal tries to obtain your bank account details. A lot of them will offer to remove the problem for a small payment. However, they are not really interested in that money, they will soon clear out your bank account when they get your credit/debit card details.

There is even a scam where they ring you and pretend to be Microsoft engineers trying to help you "because they have noticed your computer is running slow" (whose isn't?). Let me make it clear at this point; Microsoft never ring anyone like this. They will try to talk you into going online and logging into a website they control and they will then try to take control of your computer.

So, how do you set about avoiding malware? Note, I use the term "malware" although most people refer to "viruses" as there are many different types of "malware" and "viruses" are only one of these types. Well, there are two types of program that are needed 1) computer security (which consists of anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti various other types of scam) and 2) a firewall. A firewall acts as a break between your computer and the internet and the only way malware can get in is if you let it in. Some of this malware can be very good in disguising itself.

There are free anti-virus programs but please note that these usually only protect against viruses and not much else. It is also possible to get a very good free firewall (Zone Alarm). However, the best way is to buy a proper internet security program from one of the big names. I am a reseller for AVG which, naturally, I think is the best one but there are others that are adequate (although I have removed malware from computers "protected" by all of them).

There is also something known as a day zero attack. This is malware that is new and so the anti-malware software suppliers have not yet developed a protection for it. Given that there are in the region of 30,000 new items of malware each day in the world, day zero attacks are not exactly unknown. Very regular updates are essential to make sure your computer security progam has the very latest malware profiles. The frequency will depend on how often your software is updated by the publishers but AVG is set to update, automatically, every four hours.

One thing is for sure; if you don't install a firewall and internet security, it is only a matter of time before your computer is crippled by malware and removing it is often more expensive than the correct software in the first place.

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